The right people for our company
a talented person who is
honest and industrious, even small things
accomplish a task with responsibility
a talented person who is
not afraid to fail, challenging
with constant passion
a talented person who see the matter
from a new perspective, apply creative
thinking and action to work
a talented person who perform
my task faithfully with ownership
  • Frequent recruitment and open recruitment
  • Recruitment process Application-Document screening-Job interview-Executive interview-Final acceptance
  • Supporting field
    Department Job Description
    Technical Sales Department Domestic and overseas technology sales, Project awards, Market research and development, Customer management
    Technical Department Thermal design of boiler, Basic design of plant, System engineering, Technology advice
    Environmental Business Department Environmental plan, Environmental management, Domestic and overseas technology sales
    Management Department Management support, Accounting, Purchasing, Personnel
    Construction & Production Department Production and installation of products, Maintenance, Field facility
  • How to apply Apply by visiting or post (41, Gongdan 1-daero 259beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do)
    or e-mail (sjblr@chol.com)
  • Documents to be submitted Resume and self introduction, copy of resident registration, certificate of graduation and transcript, career certificate (if applicable), copy of certificates (if applicable)
  • Inquiries on recruitment to Management department (Tel : 031-499-6747)
  • The annual salary system and hourly wage system
  • The five day week
  • Annual leave
  • 4 Major social insurance (National pension service, National health insurance corporation, Ministry of employment & labor, Korea workers’ compensation & welfare service
  • Company cafeteria
  • Support transportation expenses
  • Regular checkups
  • Summer vacation
  • Recreational facilities support
  • Expenses and vacation for congratulations and condolences
  • Bonus
  • Retirement pension system